name of Synkey Group Inc. is Dongah Trading Corporation, which was founded on March 17, 1951 in Pusan Korea, during Korean war.
Dongah Trading Corporation was founded by Mr. Ik Chin Lah, who was called as the pioneer of trade in Korea.

Trading Corporation started trade business by export-ing some minerals and sea weeds and importing some textiles.
In 1969, Dongah installed the first On-Line Banking system of the nation between Seoul and Pusan and continued to introduce NCR Banking System into Korea until 1989 when NCR Korea was inaugu-rated.
Dongah started to produce NCR Passbook printer in 1985 with the license agreement with NCR.

Dongah developed her own model, DC5024 and conti-nued to develop afterwards, SK5210 in 1992, SK5220 in 1993, SK5230 in 1994 and SK5240 in 1998.
In the meantime, Dongah Trading Corporation and Dongah Compu-ters Corporation was merged and renamed as Synkey Group Inc. in 1996.
Synkey developed ATM for retail market of the US and exported more than 4,800 units in 2000.

Web ATM was the first Web ATM in the world developed by Synkey in 2002.
In 2005, the new generation passbook printer SK5310 was announ-ced and in 2006, SK5310S was announced, which enables passb-ook printer to scan any documents and I.D.


SK5320 is the latest thing in passbook printer result from the experience and technology for the past 50 years. This model guarantees the fastest printing, the most flexible media align-ment with the reception at any position, the longest ribbon life and the most quite acoustic noise level of its product category.


  • High capability of interfacing to world wide standard (RS-232C)
  • Auto alignment function for operator’s convenience.
  • High performance by bi-directional printing method with logical seeking.
  • High quality printing with 24 pins for any characters including Chinese.
  •  Most productive and cost effective design with compact size.
  • Synergistic key solution for fulfillment of the user’s complicated require-ments at working area.
  • Resolution 360x360 dpi
  • Input Buffer 128 KB
  • Bidirectional logic-seeking
  • Printing Widths 10,12,15, 16.6, 17.1, 20 CPI and proportional font
  • Print speed (@10 cpi) 560 cps (VHSD), 370 cps (Draft), 125 cps (LQ)
  • LCD with 2x16 characters
  • Thickness up to 2.6 mm.
  • Standard Interface RS232 serial and USB
  • Drivers Windows 10 (32/64) Windows 8 (32/64) Windows 7 (32/64)   
  • Ribbon 10 Million (Standard) and 16 Million (On Request)

Our skilled experts are trying to make high quality products with the newest technology available to the market.
We produce the parts for our passbook printer and assemble passbook updating machines, cash dispensers and passbook printers through intensive quality control.

We produce the parts of passbook printer and assemble passbook updating Machine, cash Dispenser and passbook printer through intensive quality control.

Our Quality control System guarantees the best quality products.